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Easiest way to embed a Google Map on Your Website

Google Maps is at present one of the most popular mapping applications available online, it is not only accurate but it also is completely free. Finding the correct directions to a destination saves a lot of time, which is essential in our modern day hectic life. Google Maps not only provides a street view or directions between two points but it also provides routes for different modes of transportation. Google Maps suggests different routes if you are driving, cycling, walking or taking the public transportation.

Companies often display their store-addresses on the website, in order to help prospective customers in finding the location with ease. Well, truth be said, with fierce market competition, a simple static address, might fail to grab customer attention. This is where Google Map integration could be great.

Through Google Map, you provide a consolidated information package:

  • Detailed road maps
  • Directions including left and right turns
  • Traffic details and time estimates (Private vehicles, Public transport, bicycle and walking)
  • Transportation details (timings, schedules, fare)
  • Altitude
  • Even previous customer feedbacks for you store.
The addition of the Google Maps to a website makes quite an impression on the visitors and is therefore a great business strategy.

DIY - Embedding the Map Code

Well most business owners feel that embedding Google Maps to your website could be a potential challenge, especially if you don’t possess the right programming skills to add the code to your website yourself. Yes, embedding the Google API code and tweaking the same to meet your business needs might involve some programming challenges. However, we do offer a solution by providing you the option of adding Google Maps to your website in a few simple steps. All you need to do is to fill in the address you wish to embed in your website, choose your map style, the size of the map and the zoom and click on the button. This will generate the JavaScript code that you need to copy paste onto your website in order to generate the map. Moreover, this involves absolutely no coding at all. Just a few clicks and a copy-paste.

No need to fight with Google Maps API

There is also the option of using Google Maps API in order to integrate Google Maps to your website. However, the problem with working with Google Maps API is that there is a lot of customized coding involved in order to generate the proper code to embed in your website.

Therefore, if you are not quite familiar with coding then you might need to hire a programmer in order to generate the code for you. This undoubtedly would be a cost overhead. Moreover, maintaining and tweaking the code will also require additional programming assistance. Therefore, by choosing our services you will not have to muddle through the hundreds of lines of code to generate the proper map for your website. It is simple copy paste from our website when you generated the code by providing the details about your addresses and the style of the map. This is highly convenient and above that the service is entirely free and does not require you to provide information like email address or other details in order to generate the Map Embed Code.

The Evolution of Google Maps

Google Inc acquired Where 2 Technologies, a basic mapping software organization created by the brothers Jens and Lars Rasmussen in Denmark, in the year 2004. After this acquisition, Google took over a couple of smaller mapping and real time routing companies to finally create Google Maps in the year 2005. After a series of upgrades since the last decade Google Maps evolved into an application which not only brings to you maps and directions but real time traffic update along with numerous other features. And Google Map is the best Real-Time Mapping solution the world has ever seen.

Google Maps is a lot more than just a street map

Google Maps not only offer directions and routing from one point to another but it also offers turn by turn navigation as well, this is what makes it a great alternative to conventional GPS system. This is of advantage for travelers since in a new and unknown city this turn by turn navigation system will surely help them to reach their destination without any issues. There is also the street level view that offers details about the neighborhood and this is of great importance too, which trying to find a restaurant or opting for a hotel to stay. Moreover, if you are planning to buy a home in a particular neighborhood then this feature will allow you to find out more about the nearby amenities and facilities.

Google Driving - Google Traffic

In order to reach your destination it is important to know more about the traffic between the destinations. Heavy traffic can cause serious issue about the estimated time of arrival and thus a real time traffic update should be present. Google Traffic provides this service through real time traffic coverage of a particular area and detailed information ensuring that driving is a sheer pleasure.

You need to offer your customers a Map on your Website

By offering Google Maps on your website you will be able to provide accurate directions to your establishment. For the customers this is of great use since they will be able to reach your establishment without any kind of issues. Moreover, Google Maps also have customer reviews which mean that great reviews from satisfied customers will be visible to prospective customers thus increasing the chances of higher rate of success for your business. © 2024 - The Service of is Free To Use - English - Contact - About Us